A story based on family, passion and the love to create

My grandpa Paul Böhm was a true artist in many different ways. He was driven by his passion for everything creative and he loved to create with his own hands. Throughout the years he built up his own studio in which he, among other crafts, worked on crafting leather accessories. A lot of my own childhood memories consist of me sitting on his workbench listening to his old school radio music and his stories, while watching him work on his creations.

After my grandpa had passed away and entrusted us with his studio, it took my mom and me a few years to develop our own idea of following his passion. After a full year of planning, researching, developing ideas and turning his studio into our studio, we felt the time was right to launch our brand Atelier boem, named after him.


Atelier boem creates high quality, handmade leather products following a minimalist and pure, yet heartwarming and playful aesthetic.

Each boem style is designed and carefully handmade in our leather atelier in Hamburg, Germany. To make sure you and your boem leather good live happily ever after, we take a lot of time to choose and check every leather skin, every fabric and every finish.

„I create boem pieces to bring smiles into your lives – everyday you carry them.“

Katharina Ilker