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APRIL 15, 2020

My atelier is my magical place. Every day that I am working in my atelier, I am so grateful for what my family and I have built together and that my mother and I are able to keep the traditional craftsmanship of my grandpa alive through boem. The atelier is also the place where I work on new ideas, where I puzzle my head over a new pattern for weeks, where joy and frustration about the craft and the own skills go hand in hand and where we create wonderful products for our customer.


True exclusivity and exceptionalism are at the core of every luxuriously crafted product. To me, luxury is about superior quality, as well as a unique bond between the customer and the artisan, who has patiently built up their expertise through years of training. I believe that there will be a time after fast fashion, where we will be looking for these special pieces and we will be eager to know the story behind the products, that we love to use so much.


AUGUST 21, 2019

We are so happy to introduce our Nappa Colours Collection –

two timelessly designed Bucket Bags with minimalist details made of buttery soft napa leather, available in five different colour combinations.

The smaller version of the Bucket Bag, our Mini Bucket, comes in three different, colourful variations and to me it is luxury, suitability for everyday and cuteness in one bag.

The larger version of the Bucket Bag comes in two very classic colourways. Our Bucket Bag has a casual and yet luxurious feel to it, is spacious and features wide, comfortable shoulder handles.

The collection is entirely made in our atelier using traditional, french luxury-leathercraft techniques. All of our products are available upon request only.

you can send a request here

The Nappa Colours Collection is limited to 10 bags in total.


Each bag will be embossed with personal initials and a serial number of this collection.


MAY 21, 2019

A few corners of the new studio.

We are also ready to be taking your orders again!

Shop here, write us an e-mail, or dm us on instagram


APRIL 15, 2019

When mom and I started to work on leathercrafting nearly 2 years ago, we emptied out 2 rooms in my parents house in Hamburg and built our studio there. Until now we still work there every day and it has been a great opportunity to start with boem – thank you Dad for letting us take over your home office!


As always in life, situations will come, that make you decide on, sometimes uncomfortable, moves, based on your personal priorities (here comes the thing with love and people moving cities to be with their boo…).


So from the 1st of May 2019 we will be splitting our studio across Germany. I will be working from our studio in Baden-Württemberg and mom will be working in Hamburg. We will still be working together on building our brand boem and will be frequently visiting each other in the studios, especially during busy times.


We have always been very transparent about boem, our production and our studio, so I felt the need to tell you the background to this decision.


For our dear customers: There isn‘t going to change anything for you, we will be having a short break though to move and set up the new studio.

We hope to be ready to take orders again mid May!


Thank you so much for following our ride! Kathi & Ina


APRIL 14, 2019

A little sneak behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot-

powernaps, furry friends and lots of leather charms.

You can find some of the results here:



FEBRUARY 04, 2019

Our collection of Leather Bracelets covers classic and timeless designs, as well as minimal and extravagant ones. We have created all of them to be worn on a daily basis, stacked upon other bracelets, a watch, or simply on its own.

Our bracelets come in 3 different sizes, just choose your size at checkout.


JANUARY 05, 2019


JANUARY 04, 2019

Designed and made to be Everyday Luxury.



NOVEMBER 19, 2018

Our Charm Collection is finally ready to shop:

Find your new favourite Bagcharm or Keyring and get inspired for some very special christmas presents!



NOVEMBER 14, 2018



Let’s keep in touch!

We will be sending out boem letters every few months to update you on new products and limited editions and to share atelier stories and design inspirations with you.